Zelda Song on TOP!

2010-11-17 22:33:23 by metallistad

Well, I just checked the TOP "ZELDA METAL" song on here. Seems, for the moment, I'm on TOP! Thank you everyone for the support. I do appreciate it. I hope to do more of the same sometime soon...



2009-10-19 03:32:17 by metallistad

So, ever since I've learned to pick apart theme songs pretty decently, I've had the idea to do the cover of this ONE song from a game I had a while ago. I won't give the specifics, but if I can get off my lazy A$$ and finish it, it should be a great and (dare I say) EPIC cover! Stay tuned...

P.S. .....ULTRA.....

I know I really haven't put much effort on doing anything to "release" new songs or what-not, so I'm going to attempt to make a flash cartoon and see what happens. I might even make a test run and see how it goes... We'll see...

Thanks Everyone

2009-04-13 12:27:50 by metallistad

...who's voting and looking at the Zelda song I uploaded. I'm almost half-tempted to find the live track of my band originally doing it (which doesn't sound anything like the one I uploaded... a little like it but not that much...). But I do encourage anyone who reads this and has listened to the Zelda song to check out the other two songs I have uploaded. They're my band's original material.

Also: I have a few ideas of doing some new songs (mind you, video game covers OR even some other theme songs I have up my sleve). SO, stay tuned and stick around. Hopefully you won't be dissapointed.

New Song For Newgrounds!!

2009-03-30 01:40:47 by metallistad

So, I'm in the process of recording a song I used to do with my band that we've "hung up to pasture". Mind you, it's a cover and I think A LOT of you will definitely dig it!!

Stay tuned for the following who are looking at this...


2009-03-26 08:33:13 by metallistad

So, I decided to start with adding myself to this website since I've gotten a little bored with being a slave to MySpace for too long now. Not working sucks ass!! I need to get out more and have some money so I can feel "normal" to a certain extent. Then again, I'm happy to have my band and be able to write some crazy shit!!